Infonomy license algorithms that analyze sensor data. We offer cloud services that collect and analyze the sensor data, and deliver business critical information to the customer.

Our products are developed in close cooperation with academic and commercial partners.

All products are designed together with the end user, frequently through focus groups. Rigorous testing is done in the form of thousands of test rig runs, studies on test dummies and human subjects (actors, stunt persons), and field tests.

Over the years we have developed a large number of biometric and other algorithms. Please inform us what your need is; we may already have a solution that meets that need – or can easily customize something for you!

Our commercially available products are:

  • “Fall Hunter” – an algorithm portfolio to predict and detect falls
  • “iCore” – a cloud based distributed platform to collect, interpret and analyze sensor data
  • The Snubblometer® – a low cost, scientifically proven, wearable device that measures and analyzes the user’s gait. The product reports  aggregates that have a well-documented diagnostic relevance. The Snubblometer® also works as a low cost, scientifically proven, device that measures balance. The product includes a user friendly SW application.

Infonomy have unique experience of using sensor data to track human movement. Our competence in using sensor data to measure or simulate human activity has been applied in a number of innovative customer projects.

As of today, we have conducted four studies together with the Health Science Center (HSC) at Lund University, Sweden. The studies focus on validating our products in the area of balance measurement and gait analysis.

As well as being experts in using sensor data to track human movement, we have experience in developing algorithms that analyze video images and report atypical movement. This experience has been applied to simulator training applications.

Whether you need to monitor patient values and compliance in a clinical trial, in the hospital or at home, Infonomy has the system, processes and experience to make it happen.

Infonomy has undertaken a number of studies that put our Bio-kinetic algorithms and iCore platform to the test.

Infonomy’s iCore platform can collect data from virtually any kind of biosensor. The platform can then aggregate and analyze the data and convey the findings in a way that makes them useful to health care providers or study investigators. An Infonomy platform can provide the following:

  • Dynamic selection of patients for clinical trials
  • Experience combined with statistical and mathematical tools to analyze Big Data
  • Interface with customer systems

We have developed and delivered sensors and a data collection system to communicate performance data captured from train engines or cargo wagons. Small vibration sensors capture and communicate information that describes the health of both train wagons and rail infrastructure. This information can be used for preventive maintenance, and to hamper potentially dangerous developments.

In order to be effective the system works in isolated and extreme environments. Cargo train wagons have no energy source so the sensors need to be battery driven. To solve these challenges we developed communication protocols that make the vibration measurement units robust and energy smart.

These battery powered sensors are connected via a so-called mesh network and data is transferred to a cloud based system that interprets the data from individual sensors. The development of this system has been partly financed by the Swedish Department of Motor Vehicles (Trafikverket).

When a sensor measures the physical behavior of a person or machine, the produced amount of data can be overwhelming.

The use of Big Data is becoming a key way for leading companies to outperform their competitors. Today’s challenge is to find secure solutions that can aggregate and analyze large volumes of data and convey complex findings in ways that make them useful for human decision makers or for use by automated systems.

We have extensive experience analyzing massive amounts of data. Our sophisticated analysis can substantially improve decision making, minimize risks and find valuable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

Infonomy’s sensor networks in combination with our Big Data analysis, have enabled companies to create new products and services, enhance existing ones, and invent new business models.

Enabling a New Business Model – Networking Standalone Energy Meters

The customer wanted to compete in a recently deregulated energy market. In order to realize their vision a number of key challenges needed to be addressed.

  • How do you know how much energy your customer has used when electricity meters are owned by you competitors
  • How do you cost effectively gain access to the information you need when it is expensive to install your own networked electricity meter or you are not allowed to
  • How to avoid the high costs of manually collecting usage data
  • How to avoid the insecurity of invoicing based on forecast usage
  • How to address the regulatory requirement to communicate in real time with your customers
  • How do you offer value added services to your customers like reduced (or free) electricity prices during low peak periods

Infonomy iCore helped the customer realize their vision by collecting pictures of electricity meters from cameras and digitizing those images. Our solution connects a massive fleet of innovative camera units which connect electricity meters, with company administration, as well as the individual subscribing consumer. iCore digitizes data and converts it into High Quality Data and High Level Information available over the Internet through the HTTP or SMTP protocol. The solution comprises proprietary algorithms for image processing and character recognition.

Most importantly the customer now has a solution that has enabled a new business model.

  • Allowing a better understanding of customer behavior and invoicing of customers based on actual usage
  • Supporting intelligent purchases from energy exchanges
  • Provides peak usage data and infrastructure updates, based on real time information
  • Builds closer relationships to customers who can login and see their usage
  • The possibility to deliver new services including energy consumption apps and free night time energy
  • Automatic notification of problems in the network e.g. when a unit produces data of insufficient quality or ceases to work, an email can be sent to the system administrator thereby limiting the need for mobile service staff
  • Improves precision of consumption forecasts
  • A proven solution that has been in operation for over six years
  • A solution that captures and digitalizes images in thousands of meters every day