News 2017-08-09

Infonomy makes new issue and attracts new long-term owners

Infonomy has made a new issue which financially secures the development of the Snubblometer®. In connection, new long-term owners join the company.

The new owners comprise: Göran Lindahl, who acts Chairman of IKEA Greentech AB and EVRY ASA and Board member of INGKA Holding BV. West & Bergh IT Consulting AB, who develop revolutionary sensor-based products, which opens up significant product development synergies. Neurosurgeon Johan Bellner, specialist in general medicine with a research focus on head injuries. Christian Bergh, one of the founders of West & Bergh IT Consulting AB.

“I look forward to contribute to the development of Infonomy. The company has a unique IP, and innovative product concepts that will reach a broad market,” says Göran Lindahl, who will also be a new Board member in Infonomy.

The rights issue gives us the financial muscle to carry out development projects, but just as important we get access to skills that will be crucial to our success. In addition to making an investment, the investors will help develop the company. We get access to world-class expertise from both the financial and industrial world and we tie leading subject matter expertise to our company“, says Jonas Källmén, together with Dr. Helmuth Kristen, founder of Infonomy AB.

For further information please contact Jonas Källmén at phone + 46 708 77 48 07 or email “jonas.kallmen@infonomy.com”

News 2017-07-27

Infonomy win grant for development of The Snubblometer®

Infonomy has earned a “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission and thereby qualify for a grant of 500 000 SEK from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova.

This spring The Snubblometer ® attracted attention from the Swedish national media in connection with the clinical trials carried out in collaboration with the Department of Physiotherapy at HSC, Lund University. In parallel Infonomy has secured funding to accelerate the development of The Snubblometer ®, from a working prototype to a product ready for mass production.

Snubblometer ® is a unique tool for fall prevention developed in close cooperation with user groups. It contains several patent-pending algorithms that both recognize and communicate early signals of increased risk of falling, as well as alerts in emergency situations.

”We are very happy to receive this support from the European Commission and Vinnova. It is an important milestone in our efforts to develop products and solutions aimed at fall injuries, which is one of the major challenges for the health care system today”, says Jonas Källmén at Infonomy.

For further information please contact Jonas Källmén at phone +46 708 77 48 07 or email “jonas.kallmen@infonomy.com”

Nyhet 2017-07-27

Infonomy får bidrag för utveckling av Snubblometer®

Infonomy har fått ett ”Seal of Excellence” från EU-kommissionen och därmed kvalificerat sig för ett bidrag från Vinnova på 500