Algorithms for a healthy living


Infonomy develop biometric algorithms that analyze human movement in order to detect and predict adverse events such as injuring falls. The algorithms optimize energy consumption, processing capabilities and storage capacity of sensor systems.

Infonomy can deliver complete sensor network solutions to the customer as a cloud service through Infonomy’s proprietary iCore platform.

We mainly work in the area of tracking movement and activity of humans, but also in projects that monitor and analyze the movement of machines and vehicles.

Our exciting development projects are often undertaken together with customers who are world leaders in their areas.


Infonomy fight the battle against the increasing number of fall injuries. Our strategies are:

Fall Detection

Fall Detection aims to detect and inform that a fall has occurred. In this area, our “Fall Hunter” algorithms are licensed to leading international partners.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection aims to either passively or actively protect against fall injuries as they occur. In this area, our algorithms analyze sensor data and activate protection when fall injury is imminent. We cooperate with world leading industrial partners and license our algorithms.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention aims to prevent falls altogether by means of timely intervention. In this area, our algorithms collect and analyze data from a large number of sensors, establish when the risk of falling changes. and assess the effectiveness of interventions such as personalized training programs. In this area, we are a leading partner of “MoTFall” – a cutting edge project sponsored by the Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova).


We have developed a portfolio of proprietary algorithms that transform sensor data into valuable information. We tend to optimize our algorithms for specific needs of the customer and for the device that they are integrated into. Most of our algorithms track and analyze human movement, but some are used to track movement of machines and vehicles as well. Furthermore, we have a long history of developing and managing image processing algorithms for e.g. automated meter reading.

Examples of Infonomy’s proprietary algorithms are:

  • Biometric and Bio-kinetic algorithms
    • Algorithms for fall detection, -protection and -prevention
    • Activity classification and analysis
    • Measurement of balance
    • Gait analysis
    • HR/HRV, stress analysis
    • Classification and analysis of Activities of Daily Living
    • Classification of meditation states
  • Algorithms for logistic and industrial applications
    • Analysis of machinery in the packaging industry
    • Image processing algorithms for automated meter reading
  • Other algorithms
    • Analysis of rhythm in music


Infonomy’s iCore is an end-to-end platform for sensor networks. iCore allows you to extract, structure and visualize your business critical information. Information blind spots disappear as you begin to see in real time what is happening in your business. iCore truly enables machine to machine communication and the internet of things.

iCore is built on the philosophy that the world is changing and so are your information needs. iCore has been designed as a universal platform that is adaptable and future safe. Because iCore is information and application driven, it supports your business as your information and application needs grow and change; iCore adapts as sensors are added to your network, new sensor types are added, and as you want to do more with your sensor data.